NeXus | Q32

The ultimate qEEG system

The NeXus | Q32 is our most powerful device.The NeXus | Q32 is designed for quick and easy physiological data acquisition for almost every application. It can measure up to 32 channels EEG simultaneously with additional parameters like sEMG, HRV, Temperature, Skin Conductance (GSR) and Respiration. 

TheNeXus | Q32  is a system for unparalleled insights and outcomes, that meets evolving needs, offering long-term value and reducing the necessity for multiple specialized devices.

Unmatched precision with NeXus

NeXus devices are engineered for excellence, utilizing Active Shielding technology to deliver clean signals with minimal artifacts and noise. By integrating state-of-the-art technology, NeXus ensures highly reliable and accurate data acquisition, making it the premier choice for real-time EEG and additional physiological parameters.

The NeXus |  Q32  is designed and developed according to ISO 13485 and is FDA Registered, meeting the quality system and safety requirements.

The NeXus Q32 offers the highest performance for EEG and physiological data acquisition. 

Multimodal data acquisition

The NeXus | Q32 is an integrated multimodal signal acquisition device designed to simultaneously capture a wide variety of physiological and electrophysiological signals. Capable of measuring up to 32 EEG channels alongside ECG, EMG, blood volume pulse (BVP), skin conductance (GSR), temperature, and respiration, this versatile system meets diverse needs.
  • EEGEEG Cap [21ch]
  • EEGEEG [1-4ch]
  • EMGEMG [1-4ch]
  • ECGBlood Volume Pulse [BVP]
  • RSPRespiration*
  • TMPTemperature
  • GSRSkin Conductance [GSR]

21 channel EEG Cap 

The NeXus Q32 can be used in combination with the NeXus EEG Cap for 21 channel EEG measurements. The EEG cap is designed for quick EEG measurement setups and the electrodes are positioned to the international 10-20 method. All cables are carbon coated and shielded to reduce artifacts to a minimum, making the NeXus Caps the choice of professionals seeking reliable high quality EEG measurements.

Easy to use Biotrace+ software

Paired with the Biotrace+ Software, the NeXus |  Q32 is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking the highest level of precision, flexibility and reliability. BioTrace+ is a highly customizable platform with a wide range of powerful tools.  TheNeXus |  Q32 with Biotrace+ is a turn-key solution for measuring up to 21 channels of EEG wireless in real-time and utilize the solution for a range of applications. 

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NeXus | Q32 Sensors & Cap