Specialized qEEG Analytics Software


For clinicians and researchers seeking in-depth exploration of qEEG and its applications, our partnership with Applied Neuroscience provides access to specialized software like NeuroGuide. While not an add-on to BioTrace+, these tools complement BioTrace+ by offering advanced functionalities tailored for experienced practitioners and users.

NeuroGuide enables deep dives into quantitative EEG analysis, providing comprehensive insights into brainwave patterns and their clinical implications. With its robust suite of tools, clinicians and researchers can explore complex neural dynamics, identify biomarkers, and tailor interventions with precision.

By integrating NeuroGuide alongside BioTrace+, practitioners gain a comprehensive toolkit for EEG analysis and interpretation. While BioTrace+ offers real-time biofeedback and neurofeedback capabilities for immediate feedback, NeuroGuide empowers users to conduct detailed quantitative EEG assessments, facilitating advanced research and clinical decision-making.

This synergy between BioTrace+ and Applied Neuroscience software enhances the capabilities of practitioners and researchers, enabling them to leverage cutting-edge technology for comprehensive EEG analysis and personalized interventions.