Z-score Add-ons for Biotrace+


The Z Score add-on for BioTrace+, developed and licensed by Applied Neuroscience, Inc., the inventor of Z score EEG biofeedback, introduces advanced real-time biofeedback and neurofeedback capabilities. This add-on provides immediate and precise feedback by computing live Z scores from raw physiological data within approximately 1 microsecond.

This add-on is available in two configurations: one for 2-channel setups and another for 4-channel setups, offering comprehensive and detailed feedback options.

An example of the potential use of this technology is in EEG biofeedback, where real-time comparisons to a reference group of normal subjects are computed. By using Z Scores as thresholds, biofeedback can reinforce specific targets such as Z = 0, Z = ±1, or a range of Z Scores, as determined by a qualified biofeedback specialist.

The integration of Z Scores simplifies the complex task of interpreting biofeedback data, which traditionally involves voltages, ratios, coherence, and other metrics. Instead, the Z Score provides a single, intuitive metric: Z = (mean - subject) / standard deviation. This approach eliminates the need to decide whether coherence should increase or decrease, phase delay should shorten or lengthen, or absolute power should change for a specific scalp location or age.

With the Z Score add-on, BioTrace+ users can benefit from instant feedback on their physiological states, enhancing the effectiveness of biofeedback for stress management, cognitive training, and physical rehabilitation. This integration ensures that BioTrace+ users can optimize their mental and physical health through precise, real-time data analysis, making their biofeedback experience more impactful and efficient.