Skin Conductance & Temperature Combi Sensor for Q32

Skin Conductance & Temperature Combi Sensor for Q32

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Combi Sensor of Skin Conductance and Temperature

The GSR Sensor measures sweat gland activity at the fingers or in the palm of the hand. Skin Conductance (SC) is also known as galvanic skin response (GSR) or electrodermal activity (EDA). The sensor comes with Ag-AgCL velcro straps snap-on electrodes, which can be used over 100 times. The electrodes are attached to the fingers of the non-dominant hand. Skin conductance is expressed in microsiemens. Sweating is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system and this response is closely related to arousal. The sensor has been designed to measure minute (1/1000) micro-siemens relative changes in sweat activity.

The Temperature Sensor has been designed for monitoring very small temperature changes in the peripheral extremities in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It can measure changes as small as 1/1000th of a degree. A stressful event, arousal or in other words sympathetic nervous system activity can lead to a vasoconstriction in the peripheral extremities, causing a decrease in temperature.

The Skin Conductance & Temperature Combi Sensor offers:

  • Adjustable velcro straps for every size finger
  • Easy finger placement
  • Easy snap-on leads
  • Durable quality

The combined Skin Conductance and Temperature Sensor is available as 1 type, for the NeXus-Q32, and comes with a black plastic ODU connector.