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Professionals around the world utilize NeXus solutions. With our partners present across continents, we ensure professionals can adopt and use NeXus in clinical and non-clinical applications.

We are open to partnerships globally to work with us.

Are you interested in engaging with current and new NeXus users as ambassadors, trainers/educators, experience meetup facilitators, and more?

Welcome to the Mind Media | NeXus network, a space where partners collaborate in roles centered around awareness, engagement, training, education, obtaining country-specific medical certifications, and operational fulfillment. Together, we live and evolve our collective purpose and dedication to affecting positive change in mental and physical performance, behavior, and well-being through neurotechnology.

We invite people and organizations globally to partner with us on this transformative journey.

Roles and Opportunities

With our current partners, we are evolving the role of resellers. Engagement with NeXus users — including awareness, adoption, training, mentoring, and support— should be decentralized and local. Hands-on experience and peer-to-peer interactions are crucial for the adoption of biofeedback, neurofeedback, qEEG, and other neurotechnology applications.

With global distribution networks, products can be shipped quickly, reducing the need for local inventories. However, differing medical device regulations across countries necessitate local roles for representation, official importation, and compliance.

We invite existing and future partners to collaborate with us in evolving these roles, increasing adoption, and making a greater impact.

Invitation to Share Your Expertise with NeXus - Host Meetups!

We are seeking experienced professionals who work with NeXus by Mind Media to lead online and physical meetups. These meetups will be an opportunity to share your experience, knowledge, and practical NeXus applications with interested individuals eager to learn more.

As a NeXus Meetup Host, your expertise is incredibly valuable to both future and existing users. Every day, we receive requests for online and, more frequently, physical meetups where people want to learn more about using NeXus for a range of applications. As a meetup host, you will, of course, earn rewards for facilitating different types of meetups.

Are You a Natural Presenter Who Regularly Speaks in Public?

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience, and convinced that working with NeXus makes a difference?

As a NeXus Ambassador, you will share knowledge and experience through speeches, presentations, publications, and more via various channels. This promotion is driven by passion, and we value that.

We invite NeXus Ambassadors to contact us so we can strengthen each other for the purpose of improving well-being, performance, and behavior, and reward the results accordingly.


As we evolve, more roles will emerge.

We are always open to partnering with people and organizations in roles they see fit and valuable for themselves, the NeXus network, and us.

Interested. Reach out to us, through the chat button to start a conversation or leave us a message on email.