Respiration (RSP) Sensor

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The Respiration Sensor measures breathing rate and relative depth of abdominal or thoracic breathing. It is provided with an easy to apply elastic band and can be worn over clothing. The Respiration Sensor is usually placed over the abdomen. Respiration is often used in combination with the Blood Volume Pulse Sensor for HRV Training.


The Respiration Sensor for NeXus offers:

  • Two adjustable elastic straps; small and large
  • Easy strap system and can easily be worn over clothing
  • Shielded cables for a minimum of noise and movement-artifacts

The RSP Sensor is available in 2 types.

NeXus: for the NeXus-10 (MKI, MKII), NeXus-4, NeXus 32F. This sensor comes with a ODU Aluminium connector

Q32: for the NeXus-Q32. This sensor comes with a black plastic ODU connector.