Sintered TP Electrodes

Sintered TP Electrodes

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The Sintered TP Electrodes are used mainly for EEG, SCP and neurofeedback applications.


Sintered Ag/AgCl Electrodes are fabricated from Silver (99.99% pure) wire which undergoes a sintering process causing the AgCl to adhere better to the wire than the chloridizing process.

How to Use

The Electrodes can only be used with a Touch Proof (TP) connection.

Electrogel or Nuprep and Ten20 can be used for preparation. Attach the electrodes to the ears by using our earclips or use a minicap to position the electrodes.

Sintered TP Electrodes are packed per 5. The electrodes can be re-used 100+ times.

Clean the electrodes with Ivory or lukewarm water.