NeXus Fast Fix Cap

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The fast fix cap an be used in combination with a snap-on ExG or EEG sensor for EEG measurements up to 4 channels on any of the 72 specified locations of the 10-20 system and 10-10 system locations. The cap can be used as positioning template or in combination with a snap-on sensor.

The NeXus Fast Fix Cap is compatible with sensors from both the NeXus-10 MK-II and NeXus-Q32 and ensures a quick and precise set-up. For users that want to use this cap in combination with a TP-connector sensor, we have TP-to Snap electrodes available.

The Ag/AgCl electrodes are gelled with a syringe and a drop of ECI gel for signal conduction.

The NeXus Fast Fix Cap is made of stretchy, comfortable quick-dry material and comes in different sizes, head circumferences ranging from small (50-54 cm), medium ( to large (58-62 cm).

The NeXus Fast Fix Cap offers:

  • An easy to use solution:
    • Place
    • Connect
    • Record
  • International Nomenclature pre-printed:
    • Traditional 10-20 system positions
    • Additional 10-10 system positions
    • 72 positions included
  • Combine with:
    • NeXus EEG sensors 
    • NeXus EXG sensors
  • Outstanding quality:
    • Availability of different sizes (S, M, L)
    • Comfortable fit
    • Quick-dry fabric
    • Wire guides

When using the NeXus Fast Fix Cap in combination with a NeXus EEG or EXG sensor we recommend to use the EEG disc small electrodes instead of the EEG blue disc electrodes. These are with their smaller size and slightly higher snap solution easy to use in when material, like a fabric cap or ear piece, is used in between the electrode and the snap connector.

To ensure conductivity a few drops of ECI-gel are placed between the electrode and the skin with help of a syringe and blunt needle. The syringe is held parallel to the head.