EEG Cap NeXus | 32F

EEG Cap NeXus | 32F

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The EEG Cap offers high quality EEG signal and easy and quick recording of 19 channel EEG including 2 references and a ground. Each channel is individually shielded for reducing mains interference and cable movement artifacts. In total it has 22 integrated sintered electrodes and can be used hundreds of times. The rubber suction cups on the inside of the cap keep it the electrodes place and prevent unwanted leakage of gel. 


The EEG Cap is made of stretchy, comfortable material and comes in different sizes, head circumferences ranging from small (50-54 cm) to large (58-62 cm). The EEG Cap has been especially designed for the NeXus-32F.

The EEG Cap for NeXus-32 offers:

  • 19 channels of EEG + 2 references + ground
  • Individually shielded channels for a minimum of noise and movement-artifacts
  • Comfortable material and easy and quick to apply
  • Comes in different sizes

In order to use this cap the EEG Cap Adapter for NeXus-32F is required.


NeXus | 32F