Neurofeedback Didactic 36-hour Online Course

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Build your foundation in Neurofeedback with NeXus with this online self-paced 36-hour BCIA Neurofeedback course by dr. Mary  L. Tracy and John S. Anderson. 

Certification - accreditation 

This course is for professionals with a BA/BS degree in a clinical healthcare field, like psychology or physical therapy.

The benefit of completing this course is the achievement of a practical- and scholarly-based education in EEG and neurofeedback, whether you apply for the (BCIA) certification or not.

The BCIA Board Certification in Neurofeedback is a fundamental certification recognizing health care professionals who have demonstrated completion of specific education and training requirements in the field of Neurofeedback.

This course fulfills all requirements for the BCN or BCN-T certifications, 36h BCIA Blueprint of Knowledge. Quizzes are included for all PowerPoint presentations and a final exam must be passed before the course will satisfy the BCIA requirement for the didactic training. You will receive your certificate of completion with a specification of the hours and proof that you fulfilled the didactic requirement for BCIA certification.

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  • Orientation to Neurofeedback – 4 hours
  • Basic Neurophysiology & Neuroanatomy – 4 hours
  • Instrumentation & Electronics – 4 hours
  • Research Evidence Base for Neurofeedback – 2 hours
  • Psychopharmacological Considerations – 2 hours
  • Patient/Client Assessment – 4 hours
  • Developing Treatment Protocols – 6 hours
  • Treatment Implementation – 6 hours
  • Current Trends in Neurofeedback – 2 hours
  • Ethical & Professional Conduct – 2 hours

Simply go through online presentations and videos from the comfort of your home at your own pace. In addition to the didactic content, EEG video demonstrations will be helpful for learning how to do EEG acquisition and neurofeedback training. Quizzes are also included that cover all sections of the BCIA Blueprint of Knowledge to assist you in your learning process.


Mary L. Tracy, MA PhD MFT BCN, QEEG-D

John S. Anderson, MA, LADC, BCB, BCN