Meet Dr. Mary Tracy: An Esteemed Instructor and Mentor in Neurotherapy

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Dr. Mary Tracy's illustrious career is a testament to her dedication, expertise, and passion for neurotherapy. Her comprehensive approach, coupled with her innovative contributions to the field, makes her a standout instructor and mentor. With an extensive background in psychology, neurotherapy, and physiology, Dr. Mary is a guiding light for clinicians and students alike, eager to advance their understanding and application of EEG Neurofeedback and Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG).

A Leader in Neurotherapy Education

Dr. Mary’s extensive knowledge and experience form the foundation for both online and in-person education. Her compassionate care and dedication to teaching make her an exemplary choice for those seeking to deepen their expertise in neurotherapy. 

Classically trained as an EEG technician in the early 70s, Dr. Mary gained invaluable experience working in research and performance labs with the US Department of the Navy, as well as at university and VA hospitals in Neurology departments. Over her 32-year career as a licensed psychotherapist in California, she has continually expanded her expertise, becoming a leading educator in her field.

Dr. Mary's current passion lies in educating the next generation of clinicians and technicians. As an educator, she provides both didactic and practical instruction, catering to those seeking foundational or advanced training in EEG Neurofeedback and qEEG with NeXus by Mind Media.

Internationally Recognized Mentor

Beyond her role as an instructor, Dr. Mary is a certified mentor for the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) and the International qEEG Certification Board (IQEEGCB).  As a mentor she is renowned for the depth and effectiveness of guiding professionals worldwide, reflecting her profound understanding of neurotherapy and her commitment to professional excellence.

We are pleased that Dr Mary is a long term NeXus online and in-person instructor, providing comprehensive educational programs and compassionate mentorship to master neurofeedback with NeXus. Dr. Mary continues to inspire and equip professionals in the field of neurotherapy. 

More information on Dr Mary can be found on NeuroTraining Strategies and Northern California Neurotherapy.

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