NeXus Sensors


Sensors with unparalleled signal quality and minimal noise and movement artifacts

Specialized in precise measuring for assessments and training of the autonomic nervous system and brain, our cutting-edge sensors provide high quality real-time insights into physiological and brain responses.

Assess physiological activity of the body and/or brain activity or brain function and define treatment or training plans. One of the well-know assessment tools in biofeedback is a psychophysiological stress profile which is often done in order to identify the reactions of different bodily functions on physical, emotional or cognitive stressors.  For brain assessment a common form of EEG assessment known as quantified EEG is often used. By quantifying EEG activity in different brain areas, the activity in these areas and their interaction can be shown. 

During biofeedback training, one or more body functions are measured in real time such as heart rate variability (HRV), skin response (GSR) or muscle tension (EMG). Positive values are rewarded with audiovisual feedback such as a video, music or a game. During neurofeedback training, one or more brainwaves are measured in real time. These brainwaves vary in speed and can be trained to slower or faster waves. Positive values of these brainwaves are rewarded with audiovisual feedback such as a video, music or a game.
Our physiological sensors and cables are equipped with active shielding technology and carbon coated cables. That is why we offer very reliable signal quality with a minimum of noise and movement artifacts.