Nexus | 10 MKII

Versatile multimodal solution

The Mind Media NeXus | 10 MKII is a versatile, integrated and multimodal data acquisition system suitable for a range of applications, including clinical, applied research, education, sports and performance coaching.

It provides up to 4 channel ExG, for measuring brain activity, muscle activity, eye movement or EEG, that can be combined, using 4 auxiliary inputs, with additional signals like Heart Rate Variability, Galvanic Skin Response, Respiration, Temperature, and more. It also has inputs for triggers or digital sensors, valuable for research and education applications.

Reliable high quality signals

NeXus by Mind Media stands for clean signals by using active shielding technology and carbon coated cables for minimal artifacts and noise. We offer shielded sensors for the best signal quality and a minimum of noise. Built with high quality electronics and medical grade technology to perform very reliable and accurate measurements and analysis. This makes NeXus | 10 MKII the best multimodal device for measuring a wide range of physiological signals simultaneously.

Multimodal data acquisition

  • EEGBrain activity [1-4ch]
  • EEGSlow Cortical Potentials [SCP]
  • EMGMuscle activity [1-4ch]
  • ECGHeart rate
  • ECGBlood Volume Pulse [PPG]
  • RSPRespiration
  • TMPTemperature
  • GSRSkin Conductance [GSR]

Wireless data communication

Communicate wirelessly in real-time, using Bluetooth for a great deal of freedom during a session. Link with USB for maximum sample rates or store physiological ambulant data on flash memory.

Easy to use Biotrace+ software

The NeXus-10 MKII comes with easy to use BioTrace+ software. It offers a total solution for every application. NeXus-10 and BioTrace+ are a highly customizable platform with a wide range of powerful tools for physiological research and signal processing. Use the NeXus Trigger Interface for event synchronization and registering stimuli.

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