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Have you ever wondered how our NeXus Neurotechnology systems are revolutionizing the field of psychophysiology and EEG research? Let's dive into the world of high-quality multimodal measurements and cutting-edge research tools.

What sets NeXus Neurotechnology apart ?

Did you know that our NeXus systems have been utilized in over 1700 scientific studies and articles? That's right, our research solutions are trusted by hundreds of universities, hospitals, and research centers worldwide. The reason behind this widespread adoption lies in the exceptional quality and reliability of our systems.

Why choose NeXus Neurotechnology?

Our wireless physiological data acquisition systems offer unparalleled performance and data quality. Whether you are studying the physiological responses to events, emotions, or stimuli, our NeXus systems provide accurate and detailed measurements. The medical-grade quality of our systems ensures that you can rely on the data collected for your research. 

What makes BioTrace+ Software stand out?

The BioTrace+ Software that accompanies our NeXus systems is incredibly flexible and customizable. Researchers can tailor the software to fit their specific research design, making data analysis and interpretation a seamless process. With the NeXus-10 MKII supporting internal recording on SDHC card, researchers have the convenience of storing data directly on the device.

With NeXus Neurotechnology, you are not just investing in a research tool, but in a comprehensive solution that empowers you to conduct groundbreaking research in the field of psychophysiology and EEG. Join the ranks of leading researchers who trust NeXus for their research needs.



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