Zukor's Air

Zukor's Air

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Feedback game with planes, animals and fantasy creatures that fly.

  • Simple, central focus game
  • Very adaptable and many options
  • Works with all modalities of biofeedback and neurofeedback
  • Intuitive and highly responsive gameplay

Simple gameplay

The game is easy to use, increases interest and involvement. Air has fascinating and flexible gameplay that keeps children focused and adults interested. Within the game you fly through rings or on goals for points. This gives you continuous "training points" when you meet the criteria that have been set.


Fly with planes, animals and fantasy creatures. Zukor's Air can be easily adapted to the training protocol in many ways. The escape environment can be minimal with the flight taking place over beautiful, slightly moving water surrounded by lush clouds. Alternatively, the flight can extend over a varied range of islands or icebergs, with or without ships and with or without other aircraft.


  • The flight pattern of Zukor's Air does not follow a predetermined path and is unique every time. It works with all modalities of biofeedback and neurofeedback with between 1 to 16 events. The events can be the primary gameplay action of flight accuracy or secondary visual effects such as bubbles, energy sparks, smoke, flames, etc.