NeXus Trigger and synchronization Interface (NTI)

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The NeXus Trigger Interface (NTI) is used to accurately synchronize the physiological parameters being recorded by the NeXus device with external stimuli (triggers) generated by computer running e.g. E-prime/Presentations or external devices like Eye-trackers. It can be used for registering stimuli in event related potentials (ERP) or evoked potentials (EP) experiments, also in combination with E-prime or presentations.


The NTI measures all of its inputs with 2048 samples/second, which comes to an accuracy of less than 1 ms.

Synchronize external stimuli by sending markers to the NTI over a RS232 Serial cable, the light sensor, microphone or audio cable.


The NTI can be used with the NeXus-10 MKII and NeXus-32F.