Ultimate qEEG multimodal Starter Pack | NeXus Q32

Ultimate qEEG multimodal Starter Pack | NeXus Q32

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A starter pack with the ultimate All-in-one 32 channel system. The Q32 is designed for quick and easy physiological data acquisition for almost every application.

A comprehensive full multi-modal pack that around to perform full 32 channel electroencephalography EEG/quantitative EEG combined with biofeedback modalities for measuring heart rate variability, blood volume pulse, respiration, skin response, muscle tension and temperature.



  • NeXus Q32 - qEEG, neurofeedback and biofeedback system

Sensors & Caps

  • Blood Volume Pulse Sensor | Finger 
  • ExG Sensor | 2 Channel
  • Ground cable
  • NeXus-Q32 EEG Caps (Large | Medium | Small)
  • Respiration Sensor
  • Skin Response & Temperature Sensor 


  • EEG Blue Discs
  • EEG Discs Small


  • Pre-gelled Silver/Silver Chloride Electrodes (4630)
  • Syringe & Blunt Needle Kit
  • Electro Gel 16oz
  • NuPrep EEG&EMG Prepping Gel 
  • Ten20 Paste 4oz for use with non-disposable electrodes