Biofeedback Starter Pack | NeXus-10 MKII

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A starter pack for Biofeedback includes the system (NX-10), software and the necessary sensors and supplies to perform multimodal biofeedback. 


A starter pack for biofeedback includes:

  • NeXus-10 MKI with BioTrace+ Software for Windows 10
  • EXG2 dual channel cable for EMG/EEG/ECG-HR/EOG
  • EXGB ground reference cable  (required for EXG2)
  • EMG Elektrodes single (SU-ARBO)
  • 4630 Electrodes
  • BVP sensor (HR/HRV and vasodilation/blood flow)
  • RSP sensor (respiration waveform and rate)
  • Skin Temperature  (high resolution relative blood flow)
  • SC/GSR  (skin conductance, ANS response)
  • GSR Electrodes
  • NuPrep Skin Preparation
  • Med tape for the temp sensor