Biotrace+: Platform empowering Clinicians, Researchers and Educators


with unparalleled insight into the intricate dynamics of the human nervous system, Biotrace+ by Mind Media integrates advanced multimodal physiological data analysis, enabling a holistic understanding of neurophysiological processes for enhanced research and clinical applications.

Maximize your biofeedback, neurofeedback, qEEG, and physiological research with BioTrace+. Our user-friendly software streamlines assessments and training, giving you a wide collection of easy to use features. Easily personalize training by adjusting settings to meet your client's specific needs. BioTrace+ Software is the comprehensive solution for all your biofeedback and neurofeedback needs, and supports a variety of applications for physiological research. BioTrace+ Software is the smart choice for professionals seeking to optimize their assessments and training. With its intuitive interface and customizable settings, you can easily personalize your sessions to cater to your unique clients. Your comprehensive solution that supports a variety of physiological research applications.



BioTrace+ Software offers a complete solution, supporting a wide range of applications for biofeedback, neurofeedback, qEEG and physiological research.

Fully Customizable

Biotrace+ offers comprehensive control over clinical and research sessions sessions, allowing users to customize thresholds effortlessly. Whether setting manual or automatic thresholds, toggling between modes, or incorporating a respiration pacer, users have the flexibility to tailor sessions to individual needs. This advanced platform seamlessly integrates multiple physiological signals, including respiration pacer, heart rate variability, skin conductance, and temperature measurements, enabling precise measurement and training for clinical interventions or performance enhancement purposes. With session controls enabling marker addition, training screen access, and seamless data analysis, Biotrace+ empowers users to optimize sessions for effective monitoring and analysis, ultimately facilitating personalized and impactful interventions.

Versatile feedback options



Biotrace+ works with:

NeXus | 4, NeXus | 10 MKI, NeXus | 10 MKII, NeXus | 32F

A beta version is available for the NeXus | Q32 and only can be obtained by contacting us.

You can download the Biotrace+ version for your NeXus system here.